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Harvest Land Co-op Partners To Benefit Injured American Soldiers Through Delivering Honor

Dec 27, 2017

Harvest Land Co-op is partnering with Wounded Warriors In Action for the Delivering Honor program, where Harvest Land will donate three cents per gallon of propane sold this winter to Wounded Warriors In Action, which will in turn host outdoor activities for local wounded veterans.

Wounded Warriors In Action (WWIA) is a non-profit organization, dedicated to serving our nation’s Purple Heart recipients by providing world-class outdoor sporting activities. Though headquartered out of Apollo Beach, Florida, WWIA serves the entire United States. The goals of WWIA are to increase self-reliance, bolster self-confidence, enjoy the great outdoors, promote spiritual healing and wellness and also instill a sense of belonging in America’s combat wounded.

"We understand that we can never fully repay the men and women who have bravely served our country, but we’d like to honor them by partnering with Wounded Warriors In Action this winter season. We strongly believe in programs such as this one, which promotes self-confidence and recovery for those coming home after serving our country. With every propane fill up, we’re proud to “Deliver Honor” to our wounded American veterans,” says Scott Logue, President and CEO of Harvest Land Co-op.

Delivering Honor officially launched on November 7 in Harvest Land’s trade area. There is one propane truck in Harvest Land’s fleet that is designated for Delivering Honor, and it will certainly stand out amongst its peers, as it features the Wounded Warriors In Action and Harvest Land logos in a camouflage theme.

As the founder of WWIA, Army retired Lt. Col. John McDaniel is excited to partner for Delivering Honor. “Harvest Land's sponsorship of the WWIA carries great meaning to both the Foundation and to the heroes we serve. Like farmers, the WWIA also relies upon important connections to the lands we roam. Ohio and Indiana are two extremely important states for our healing work,” remarks McDaniel.

“As our war wounded return from overseas deployments and seek normalcy in their lives, the healing powers of the great outdoors are an extremely important component to that equation. With Harvest Land's support, the WWIA will serve an increasing number of heroes from this important part of the country,” says McDaniel.

Harvest Land has committed to donating three cents per gallon of propane sold, up to $25,000. The farmer-owned cooperative is eager to promote Delivering Honor around the countryside this winter in an effort promote WWIA’s mission to help heal the wounds doctors cannot fix. To learn more about Wounded Warriors In Action, visit

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