Voter Information

Everything you need to know about the upcoming vote

The next few months will bring great opportunities to evolve and grow our cooperative. 

The current model has served the cooperative well over the years by allowing Harvest Land to capitalize on resources, improve our quality of services, and increase profits and patronage to our members. To continue this growth and meet the future needs of our members, it is time to consider and complete a merger with Co-Alliance Cooperative, Inc.

Why Merge Harvest Land with Co-Alliance Cooperative, Inc?

  • Great opportunity to bring two very strong co-ops together for future benefits of all stakeholders
  • Better utilization of talent and resources to serve our customers
  • Larger size and scale grants greater operational efficiencies
  • Geographical diversification reduces risks and provides growth opportunities
  • Improved risk management and reduced direct costs of insurance
  • Increase in size allows for better employee retention, development, and other opportunities
  • Leverage key technologies, better utilization, and development of technologies for customers
  • Improved capital structure, balance sheet strength and capacity create opportunities for future growth
  • Increases our buying power and market presence with key vendors and suppliers
  • Combined synergies anticipated to produce a savings of $4 to $6 million annually
  • Better return and customer experience for our shareholders


Director Representation Plan
  • There will be 19 Co-Alliance Cooperative, Inc. Directors (representation map included)
  • Legacy Co-Alliance will have 13 Directors, Legacy Harvest Land will have 6 Directors
  • Co-Alliance Cooperative, Inc. Directors will be elected by shareholders in their region
  • Legacy Co-op boards become advisory boards – appointed by Co-Alliance Cooperative Directors

Virtual Information Meeting

Thank you to everyone who joined us at the virtual information meeting. We look forward to seeing you at the annual meeting

Vote Timeline

  1. Plans to merge Harvest Land Co-op into Co-Alliance Cooperative
  2. Send supporting information
  3. Send proxy votes
12/18/20 Virtual Information meetings for shareholders
1/19/21 Annual meeting – Shareholders will vote in person or by proxy for:
  • Harvest Land merger with Co-Alliance Co-op Inc.
  • Director Representation:
    • Current Co-Alliance, LLP Directors will serve on the Co-Alliance Cooperative Board of Directors.
    • 2-year fixed terms
    • Staggered after 2 years
    • 4-Year terms

What is Vote By Proxy?

For members unable to attend the annual meeting, voting by proxy is a way for their voice to still be heard. By submitting the appropiate from for their cooperative, the member is authorizing  that any vote performed by their cooperative' s designated proxy at the meeting shall be deemed as a vote cast by the member.

Proxy authorizations MUST be delivered before this can take effect.
Options to deliver your SIGNED Proxy Voting Authorization:
  1. Hand deliver or mail to designated proxy (designated proxy shall be any current Board member.)
  2. Hand deliver or mail using the self-addressed, stamped envelope to:
Harvest Land Co-op, Inc,
Attn: Proxy Authorization/Ballot
1435 NW 5th Street, P.O. Box 516, Richmond, IN 47374.


Frequently Asked Questions

IS THIS A MERGER OR ACQUISITION BY EITHER COOPERATIVE? This is a merger between Co-Alliance Cooperative, Inc. & Harvest Land Co-op, Inc. The two companies have mutually decided to join forces. Both organizations are strong cooperatives that bring value and will be well represented in the new organization.

IF APPROVED, WHEN WILL THE MERGER TAKE PLACE? When the merger is approved at the Co-Alliance and Harvest Land January annual meetings, it will be finalized by February 1, 2021 and for tax and accounting purposes be retro-active to September 1, 2020.

WILL THE COOPERATIVE HAVE A NEW NAME? The board of directors for both organizations have chosen to name the new organization Co-Alliance Cooperative, Inc.

WHAT WILL THE LEADERSHIP OF THE NEW COOPERATIVE LOOK LIKE? Kevin Still will be the CEO and Scott Logue will be the Executive Vice President of the new cooperative.

WHERE WILL THE HEADQUARTERS BE LOCATED? The new cooperative will be headquartered out of Avon, IN. We will continue to have operations and staff at multiple sites within the expanded footprint to allow for effective communication and collaboration across the organization.

HOW WILL THE RESULTS OF THESE VOTES BE COMMUNICATED TO THE SHAREHOLDERS? When the merger is approved, shareholders and customers will be sent a communication informing them of the results. Additionally, we will post information regarding the merger on each respective website.

HOW WILL SHAREHOLDER EQUITY BE HANDLED AFTER THE MERGER? All existing patron equities in either Co-Alliance or Harvest Land (if any) shall transfer on a dollar for dollar basis into the new cooperative.

HOW WILL MY PATRONAGE BE AFFECTED IN THIS NEW ORGANIZATION? Patronage levels are anticipated to remain strong and consistent with past practices using different patronage pools for Co-Alliance’s prior partner members and Harvest Land members.

WILL THIS IMPACT MY LOCAL COOPERATIVE TEAM? The natural geographic fit of Co-Alliance and Harvest Land should provide very little disruption to our local locations and field staff serving you. Our mutual expectation is that the merger will provide an improved customer experience moving forward.

WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO MY EXISTING ORDERS, CONTRACTS, PRICING, QUOTES, ETC.? All existing business agreements will be honored under the terms of those agreements. In a merger all assets, liabilities and contractual responsibilities transfer into the new company.

WHAT SHOULD SHAREHOLDERS DO TO PREPARE FOR THE MERGER? Shareholders are asked to vote “YES” to merge Co-Alliance Cooperative, Inc. and Harvest Land Co-op, Inc. If a shareholder cannot attend the annual meeting, they are asked to sign and return a Proxy Authorization form (GOLD) so their voice can be heard.

WHO DO I CONTACT WITH A QUESTION OR CONCERN RELATED TO THIS MERGER? You can contact your local Harvest Land Director or your local Harvest Land Team Member. Harvest Land will also be hosting a live virtual meeting to provide information and answer questions on Friday, December 18th at 1:00 PM EST