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At Harvest Land we are a farmer owned cooperative that serves customers in our market area. Our purpose is to provide products, operational services, technologies and marketing assistance to our customers to enhance their lives and profitability, while generating an adequate return on our members’ equity.

For additional information or to submit a resume or application please contact Human Resources Manager, Harvest Land Co-op,, 765-962-1527, P.O. Box 516, Richmond IN 47375

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Accelerated Career Excellence

As we prepare for the increased responsibilities and future demands of an evolving agriculture climate, we must provide emerging frontrunners with a broader perspective. This more-strategic perspective enables them to see the business as a whole—beyond specific functions or departments. By gaining this perspective, they are more prepared to successfully operate in leadership positions.


The ACE program is a 12-month career development program designed to enable participants to strategically frame their thinking, learn and use basic cooperative business knowledge and tools, and apply what is learned in the context of their accelerating career. Customized to the needs of our cooperative and your passions, this program builds capabilities to enhance individual performance for success in future positions.

You can read a personal testimony about our ACE program here

If you're interested in a future with the ACE program, please access and complete the application below. Applications may be returned to Luann Nichol at

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Employee Milestones

Harvest Land is successful because of the people they employee. We’re proud to have many people who dedicate years of service to our cooperative. In 2019, we recognized the following individuals for their milestone years of service. Combined, these indiviuals represent 805 years total!
Name   DEPT.   Years of Service
        Five Years
Gina Felton   Richmond Grain   5
Miles Arthur   Hagerstown   5
David Vansickle   North Crops   5
Ryan O'Neal   Rushville   5
Theresa Townsend   YieldPro   5
Gary Bouse   Limberlost   5
Mark Murphy   Covington/Lena   5
Jason DeBoo   Energy Sales   5
Tracy Soper   IT Dept.   5
Cody Sorrell   College Corner   5
        Ten Years
Tammie Fox   Richmond Credit   10
David Fisher   Randolph Ag   10
David Sweet   East Crops   10
Curt Naylor   YieldPro   10
Brian Henderson   Ohio Liq. Fuels   10
Mark Mendenhall   Ohio LP   10
Mark Miller   IT Dept.   10
Karla Jones   Millville Grain   10
Andrew Pokorny   Millville Grain   10
        Fifteen Years
Charlie Sellers   Indiana Liq. Fuels   15
Juan Gomez-Rangel   Central Crops   15
Bob Higginbotham   North Crops   15
Eric Whitenack   Limberlost   15
Adam Culy   Central OH Ag   15
Steven "Buck" Combs   College Corner   15
Davey Norris   College Corner   15
        Twenty Years
Kathy Fuchs   Central Crops   20
Gary Davis   Transportation   20
Tim Deardorff   Energy Sales   20
Allen Wampler   Kalmbach Feeds   20
Tim Wicker   Seven Mile   20
        Twenty Five Years
Roger Boyd   North Crops   25
Les Milner   North Crops   25
Jeff Ott   Central OH Ag   25
        Thirty Years
Butch Shiebla   Hagerstown   30
Don Orschell   Pershing   30
Tim Hendricks   North Crops   30
        Thirty Five Years
Vickie Ramsey   Richmond Office   35
Bob Temple   Indiana Liq. Fuels   35
Teresa Fisk   Central Crops   35
Rusty Keller   Randolph Ag   35
Royce Cook   East Crops   35
Trena Bertsch   Kalmbach   35
        Forty Years
John Ott   Central OH Ag   40
        Forty Five Years
Steve Middendorf   Richmond    45